Credible Personal Loans Review for 2022


Credible is an online market place platform that enables you to compare personal loan refinancing products from multiple lenders. Its easy to compare the criteria that are important to you, like total repayment amount, APR, repayment options, and monthly payment. As a result this one stop shop service saves borrowers a lot of time as they can fill out a single form and compare rates from multiple lenders.

You can receive personalized quotes in as little as two minutes. Rates that you qualify for are displayed on an intuitive dashboard. Select the leader with the best rate to get started.



Does Credible Charge Fees?

Credible is free to use. It earns money through referral commissions on loans opened to a lender through its platform.

There are no hidden fees. An additional advantage to using Credible is that it does not partner with lenders who charge origination fees, application fees, or even prepayment penalties on some specialized products like their student loans.

You also can request a loan for as little as $600 and up to $100,000 USD.

The rates for personal loans range from 2.49%- 35.99% APR with terms ranging from 24 to 84 months.

The rates for student loans start at 1.47% variable and 3.95% fixed.

Customer Support

Credible has a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section on its site where answers to the most commonly asked and complex questions can be found.

The Credible support team is accessible via email at [email protected], phone via 866-540-6005 and chat through the Chat with Us option. This complete variety of communication channels makes getting assistance available on your terms.

Types of Loans that Credible Offers

Credible provide personalized loan quotes from multiple lenders for each of the below loans:

  • Student loan refinancing

  • Private student loans

  • Personal loans

  • Mortgage refinancing

Credit Verification & Score Impact

Using Credible to check your rates does not affect your credit score. The prequalification process uses a soft credit inquiry that allows you to see personalized rates without you having to apply for a loan.

Unlike other loan matching services, Credible does not share your personal information with prospective lenders. Your profile information is only shared when you choose to apply for a loan.

There is no obligation to proceed with any of the loan options presented on your dashboard. If you see a loan offer that you would like to proceed with, you’ll be asked to authorize a hard credit inquiry when you apply for the loan.

Optional Co-Signer

Credible allows you to see what loan products and rates you would qualify for if you added a co-signer.  You can try the tool with multiple co-signers and compare how each one improves your rates.

A co-signer can be a spouse, relative, parent, or any adult that is a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident Alien. A co-signer handles repaying the loan if you cannot.


With so many loan offers to choose from the ability to have multiple offers side by side is compelling, convenient and saves time. This is the advantage of using Credible. Soft credit inquiries do not impact your credit score, so borrowers can browse before they buy and have all the essential information handy before they move forward.

Unlike some of their competitors, Credible does not share your personal information initially. Only when you select the best lender for you will your information be directly processed with that lender only. This level of transparency and protection sets Credible ahead of the pack.